We offer multidisciplinary and quality advice based on more than 20 years of experience that serve as our endorsement within the legal world.

The members of the practice have vast experience and a broad knowledge of all the regulations that are applicable in Andorra as well as the Spanish and French jurisdictions where we have received our training. Thanks to the diverse experience and training of the lawyers who make up the firm, we can pool all our experience and knowledge together to offer a comprehensive service that covers all the branches of law within which each one of us specialises.

Defence within all the sectors and areas of civil law at both a judicial and an extrajudicial level, providing advice to clients in aspects that are typical of contracting in general. Inheritance law. Tort law as well as matters related to insurance law. Land law, leases and horizontal property. Banking law.

Family proceedings relating to both separations and divorce as well as interim and provisional measures. Drafting of agreements. Guardianship and custody issues. Defence of property and asset interests resulting from marital crises.

Drafting of work contracts. Dismissal and withdrawal procedures at both a judicial and an extrajudicial level. Offences and sanctions. Collective proceedings. Advice in relation to the rights and obligations of both businesspeople and workers.

Planning, formation and monitoring of companies (public limited companies, limited liability companies, civil-law companies, capital increases, mergers, corporate restructurings, the liquidation and winding-up of companies, company dissolutions, Articles of Association, etc.). General commercial contracts (sale and supply, commercial distribution, franchise contracts, general contracting conditions, etc.). Design of legal and business structures. Negotiation and formalisation of partnership agreements. Business restructurings. Advice on the sale and purchase of businesses. Assistance in negotiation processes with both creditors and debtors. Advice between the company and partners and the possible liability of administrators. Bankruptcies.

Defence of the fundamental rights of citizens both within the framework of ordinary proceedings and within the framework of the special procedures envisaged under the Constitution. Proceedings before the Constitutional Court.

Fiscal planning and advice for clients in relation to tax and fiscal obligations: General Indirect Tax (IGI), Corporation Tax (IS), Income Tax (IRPF), etc. International taxation. Tax Due Diligence, assistance and monitoring of tax proceedings as well as inspections, administrative appeals against decisions on tax issues, tax proceedings before the courts (Batllia).

Defence within all sections and areas of administrative law. Proceedings before the Government and municipal councils (comuns). Immigration proceedings. Proceedings before the Andorran Social Security Service (CASS). Civil service law. Administrative sanctions. Public tenders and administrative concessions.

Defence and prosecution in all areas of criminal law and for all types of crimes and offences. Actions as complainants/plaintiffs and as civil actors. Defence in cases involving civil liability resulting from a crime.

Due diligence in the area of money laundering and securities laundering and the fight against terrorism within the field of regulatory control according to the areas.

Drafting of draft laws and regulations. Providing advice to professional associations and bodies. Incorporation and drafting of Articles of Association.

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