The Bellocq López Marticella Advocats team is formed by the three founding partners: Sophie BELLOCQ ANNEY, Xavier LÓPEZ HORISCHNIK and Marga MARTICELLA VIRIATO. All three lawyers have proven experience and they received their training as jurists at renowned professional firms in the Principality of Andorra and in Barcelona. 

Our team is also completed by two secretaries

We offer a multilingual service in Catalan, Spanish, French and English, and we have received our academic training at different universities within the Spanish and French systems. 


I am an Andorran citizen of French origin. I was born in 1970. I am a person who has clear ideas and an ethical sense of the profession. When I first understood at a very young age what fundamental rights were, I decided that I wanted to devote myself to the legal profession. From that moment, I channelled all my efforts towards achieving this goal. I studied law at the University of Bordeaux in France where I took the subjects for the Bachelor of Private Law degree, the Master in Business Law, and the Master in Private Law and the Judicial Professions. At the same time, I took the subjects on the programme for the Certificate in Criminal Sciences. I undertook a year’s training for the Certificate in European Studies and European Institutions. I also studied third-cycle courses within the framework of the Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA) in Private Law. I spent a year preparing for entry to the Centre for the Professional Training of Lawyers (CFPA) in France. I subsequently undertook other supplementary professional training courses on private and forensic examinations, evidence, money laundering, families, rhetoric, etc., organized by the Bar Association. I write and speak Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

I have received very extensive training, and it is my firm belief that it is essential for lawyers to keep up to date and to continue acquiring knowledge while practicing law.

Given the dimensions of our country, I do not believe that it is very feasible for an Andorran law firm to specialise in one single area. Indeed, over the years, I have specialised in several areas of the law. I am willing and keen to continue working and broadening my range of actions. For this reason, I act with the highest degree of professionalism when dealing with all kinds of cases. In this regard, the fact of sharing an office with other lawyers is a plus point as it allows us to share our knowledge and contrast our opinions.

I was on the Governing Board of the Andorra Bar Association from 2006 until 2013, holding in turn the positions of member, treasurer and secretary. I was Dean of the Andorra Bar Association between January 2017 and January 2020, and I also held the position of President of all registered liberal professionals in the Principality (of the Council of Professional Associations), representing the Principality’s business sector on the University Council of the University of Andorra. I have had the privilege of representing the Andorra Bar Association both nationally and internationally. My interventions have included attendance at various committees and assemblies of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE).

I continue to act as Chairperson of the Council of Professional Associations. I am very involved in the defence of citizens’ rights and the rights of users of the justice system as well as liberal professionals in general.

Apart from the judicial and extrajudicial work that lawyers must undertake, I have been involved in the drafting of laws and regulations, and I have also led training and teaching sessions.

I believe that a relationship of trust with the client is a must if a lawyer is to be in a position to carry out his or her task.


I hold a degree in law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and I have continued my training since then. I have practiced as a lawyer since 2004.

I am a member of two committees of the Bar Association.

I specialise in civil procedural law (with a particular emphasis on labour law), administrative law, and fundamental rights. My clients include public administration, large and small companies, banking entities, trade unions, private individuals, associations, etc., and I have led some legal cases at a national level that have generated great public interest with considerable media impact.

I am passionate about the law and I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer from a very young age. I always fight right to the end to look after the interests of my clients in all the cases that I participate in, and I consider these interests to be of paramount importance in my work. I believe in the rigor of my work and the importance of loyalty and trust between the client and the lawyer, and to achieve this I make sure that my clients are continuously informed of the state and the possibilities of their cases.

I have a good knowledge of the way that our courts work and the peculiarities of each judicial division, and this allows me to adapt each case to the particular characteristics of each section. My experience with clients and cases of every kind has provided me with an overall and general vision of the law, and this allows me to offer a personalised service where the client’s interest is always the priority.

Member of


I graduated in law from the University of Barcelona, and I have also studied several additional courses. I have practiced as a lawyer since 2008.

I am a member of the Board of the Andorra Bar Association and I am on three of its committees.

I specialise in tax advice and tax law, especially tax proceedings before the administrations in both the administrative and legal channels, as well as civil procedural law. Our main clients are small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed persons and private individuals, and our professional work is focussed on providing the comprehensive advice that each person requires.


I am the administrative secretary of the practice and I have 20 years’ professional experience in the legal world.

I speak Catalan and Spanish correctly and I can get by in French.

In 2020, I received a diploma recognising and validating my professional experience in a multilingual Secretariat. This diploma is awarded under the auspices of the Andorran Government.


I studied Business and Tourist Activity Administration at university. I have worked as a legal and multilingual secretary since 2003, and my specialist area is customer service.

My tasks include looking after and welcoming clients, organising and coordinating the work agenda of the practice, receiving documents, organising the office, bookkeeping, file management, etc., communicating with other professional offices and other public and/or private entities as well as administrative procedures.

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