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Bellocq López Marticella

Our firm was created with the aim of providing a personalised, transparent and professional service for all our clients whilst maintaining the utmost respect for the deontological and ethical standards that govern our profession at all times.

Given that our law firm is made up of 3 lawyers we are able to offer a multidisciplinary and quality service and this allows us to achieve the best results in each case.


Our practice provides its services with the aim of offering the highest levels of professionalism, quality and immediacy in our work, but with totally commitment to the interests of our clients.

Our vocation to serve means that our legal advice always takes an in-depth look at the problems and concerns affecting our clients, the reality of our environment and the legal framework in which the solutions that we propose are framed. 

We are fully aware of the fact that those who come to our firm do so with a problem that is worrying them and that they come in the expectation of finding a professional who can provide them with the answers and the attention that they need. In precise terms, setting our sights on these objectives provides the inspiration behind our principles: personalized care, the pursuit of excellence and maximum rigor in the defence and protection of our clients’ interests. 

The goal of Bellocq López Marticella – Advocats is to offer the highest levels of proximity and trust and thus cover all the legal needs of our clients.


We offer multidisciplinary and quality advice based on more than 20 years of experience that serve as our endorsement within the legal world.

The members of the practice have vast experience and a broad knowledge of all the regulations that are applicable in Andorra as well as the Spanish and French jurisdictions where we have received our training. Thanks to the diverse experience and training of the lawyers who make up the firm, we can pool all our experience and knowledge together to offer a comprehensive service that covers all the branches of law within which each one of us specialises.


Defence within all the sectors and areas of civil law at both a judicial and an extrajudicial level...


Family proceedings relating to both separations and divorce as well as interim...


Drafting of work contracts. Dismissal and withdrawal procedures at both a judicial...


Planning, formation and monitoring of companies (public limited companies, limited...


Defence of the fundamental rights of citizens both within the framework of ordinary...


Fiscal planning and advice for clients in relation to tax and fiscal obligations: General Indirect Tax...


Defence within all sections and areas of administrative law. Proceedings before the...


Defence and prosecution in all areas of criminal law and for all types of crimes and offences...


Due diligence in the area of money laundering and securities laundering and the fight...


Drafting of draft laws and regulations. Providing advice to professional associations...


The Bellocq López Marticella Advocats team is formed by the three founding partners: Sophie BELLOCQ ANNEY, Xavier LÓPEZ HORISCHNIK and Marga MARTICELLA VIRIATO. All three lawyers have proven experience and they received their training as jurists at renowned professional firms in the Principality of Andorra and in Barcelona.

Our team is also completed by two secretaries.

We offer a multilingual service in Catalan, Spanish, French and English, and we have received our academic training at different universities within the Spanish and French systems.


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